Our Services

With adequate experience in handling major projects, Ziglla Technologies provides client-oriented professional services, following international standards, codes, procedures, and more, with a commitment to excellence. UIS expertise leaves us unparalleled in skills, quality, and leadership. Our services are as follows:

  • Installation and maintenance of renewable energy (solar) systems and power solutions for telecommunication companies (rectifier, lithium ion battery (LIB) and solar) 
  • Installation and maintenance of internet connectivity (wifi) systems (ICT)
Image of a solar power box

Telecommunication/Internet (ICT)

Ziglla Technologies meets the rising expectations for faster and more responsive access to Internet services, the widespread implementation of wireless systems ( Wi-Fi, Micro-wave radio link ), LAN installation and solar installation for homes and offices, energy solutions for telecommunication sites with its cutting edge features.

Telecommunication is now central to most public and private projects.

Our main advantage stems from our technology leadership in major locations like Telecommunication sites, schools (campus network), homes, offices, and government organizations.

In addition to basic services such as strategic planning, integration, and network architecture, our engineers focus on performance optimization, thereby offering comprehensive solutions.

What we do includes:

  • Upgrade and hybrid power backup system installation and maintenance for telco sites, wear houses, and data centers
  • Micro-wave backhaul, last-mile deployment, and maintenance
  • Equipment installation, maintenance, and monitoring
    Wi-Fi, Mesh networking installation, and support
  • Remote device monitoring and management
  • LAN installation

Renewable Energy/Power Solutions

At Ziglla Technologies, our qualified and well-trained engineers recognize the individuality of each client’s requirements. As a result, we tailor practical solutions to the client's needs and budget.

Our commitment to sustainability has been an integral part of our design philosophy and has been conveyed as a cultural transfer to our clients.

We are taking these core values to the next level of implementation through the use of renewable energy sources and energy-efficient systems.

Our professionals provide a high standard of service in the following areas:

  • Hybrid power backup system for telcos
  • Solar Home System
  • Farm Electrification
  • Backup power for homes and offices
  • Smart Solar street light

Our power & renewable energy (solar) installations also touch on the following:

  • Off grid solar power for ATMs, offices, telco sites and Residential areas
  • Roof top, Car park, and ground mount solar system
  • Energy audit and management.